Intercessors meet weekly to worship God and seek and declare His will as Holy Spirit guides us; praying over prayer requests, church leaders and the body of Christ, Israel and our nation and other prayers as led by God’s

Spirit. We are learning to be led by God in our prayers so they are effective and fervent, warring against our spiritual enemies, and declaring prophetically as God speaks.

This is for those who have a heart to pray and who understand the power of prayer in agreement with God’s will and Word. “One will put a thousand to flight; two will put ten thousand.”


transformational prayer ministry

Since the inception of TPM in the mid-nineties, the focus of Transformation Prayer Ministry has primarily been in training people to become effective prayer ministry facilitators. Indeed, this is a worthy cause and an important purpose of the training, but producing ministry facilitators is no longer the main focus.

The focus today is “Every Person, Everywhere!” TPM is a spiritual discipline and lifestyle that all believers can learn, apply and practice. We believe the principles of this ministry can greatly benefit every member whether he or she ever becomes a ministry facilitator or not.

There is a continual stream of testimonies heard from those who have made TPM a lifestyle; personal lives enriched, relationships restored and strengthened, parenting enhanced, as well as the Scriptures coming alive and more easily applied. People are reporting that life-long fears, worry, stress, anger are replaced with the peace of Christ, and the fruit of the Holy Spirit is being naturally and spontaneously experienced.

TPM provides a means by which the member can willfully, purposefully and cooperatively submit unto the master craftsman’s handy work. It is forever true that “we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus…” (Eph. 2:10). You are invited to join us in this exciting undertaking to make Transformation Prayer Ministry available to every person, everywhere!

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healing prayer team

Do you feel that you have a gift for healing? Our Healing Prayer Teams are called on to minister to those in need of healing. Training is provided.

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