Intercessory Prayer

Intercessors meet Monday nights to worship and seek and declare His will as Holy Spirit guides us; praying over prayer requests, church leaders and the body of Christ, Israel and our nation and other prayers as led by God’s Spirit. We are learning to be led by God in our prayers so they are effective and fervent, warring against our spiritual enemies, and declaring prophetically as God speaks.

This is for those who have a heart to pray and who understand the power of prayer in agreement with God’s will and Word. “One will put a thousand to flight; two will put ten thousand.”

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Transformational Prayer Ministry

What is the intent of the Transformation Prayer Ministry Process? The TPM process is a tool that helps with the identification of our lie-based core beliefs. As we are able to identify what we believe - that which runs contrary to the truth - we are in a better position to have the lies we believe replaced with God's perspective. The actual intent of the TPM process or the ministry "tool" itself is to provide a systematic and reliable means by which all members of the body of Christ may intentionally and purposefully participate with God in the refining of their faith, thereby renewing their minds and bringing about effortless transformation in their belief and behavior. When this occurs, the fruit of the Spirit is experienced naturally and spontaneously within those areas of transformation where truth is known with in our hearts, thus producing a lifestyle of freedom in Christ.

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