Short-version of Guidelines in red


A heart-felt desire or call to this ministry is absolutely #1. If your desire is strong enough and your call genuine, it will carry you through the challenges and the training that will be a part of this ministry.

Having this should be obvious


Obviously, a person who has the desire to be a part of the Worship Ministry Team must also have musical abilities in some measure to carry out their desired position in this ministry. The level of that ability is to be determined by the head of the Creative Arts ministry of Harvest Church, Pastor Treva. If a person is not at the level needed to begin in the ministry, but is willing to pursue training in that area to come up to the desired level, they will certainly be encouraged to do so.

Some level of experience with an instrument OR singing that goes beyond beginner stage.


Attitude will over-ride ability in every situation. Attitude affects the entire TEAM and also the atmosphere of the service. Our true motives are revealed when our attitudes show themselves in a selfish, prideful or rebellious manner. The ability to handle correction or instruction in a Christ-like manner is an opportunity to grow for everyone of us.

Attitude is a heart indicator and is seen more than your ability.


Those desiring to join the Worship Ministry in some area; band, choir, tech or camera, must be able to attend rehearsals and services when they are scheduled. If this will be a problem, you need to wait until your schedule will permit you to be a part.

Has to be a commitment not a good intention


As a covenant member of Harvest Church and a part of the Worship Ministry Team, you are accountable to the head of that ministry and to Harvest Church to represent Jesus Christ and your church family with a lifestyle that is an example to others of your relationship to God. If you are not already a part of Harvest Church, attending our Discover Harvest class offered in January, May or September should be your first step. This will not prohibit you from starting the process of joining the Ministry Team but it will be expected that you will complete this at the first opportunity.

WHO you are in public and here at church speaks LOUDER than how you play or sing.